All-outdoor microwave router

CTR 8380 microwave router converges microwave and IP/MPLS functionalities into a single compact device for all-outdoor deployments and is the only outdoor router on the market with integrated microwave capability.


  • Access/network edge
  • Small cell backhaul


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What is IP/MPLS-Based Wireless Transport?

IP/MPLS microwave integrates routing capability into microwave devices. With integrated IP/MPLS wireless transport solutions from Aviat Networks, operators can save costs, improve network performance, simply operations, and enable new services.

More about our IP/MPLS-based wireless transport technology

Lowers total cost of ownership

CTR 8380’s zero footprint design lowers site costs by eliminating need for shelter or cabinet, reducing air conditioning requirements, and lowering power and fuel consumption.

As a router, CTR 8380 extends IP/MPLS to the small cell network, improving network scalability, lowering cost, and enabling new IP-based VPN services.

Bottom line is

Because both the router and microwave are integrated into a single box, the network performs better and there are fewer devices to buy, deploy and maintain which is critical for all-outdoor deployments.

Aviat Networks Solutions lower TCO

Ideal for small cell and enterprise connections

CTR 8380 is ideal for rooftop locations for delivery of enterprise services, and is ideally suited for all-outdoor macrocell and small cell backhaul.

With its all-outdoor design and multiple mounting options, the CTR 8380 can be deployed several different ways – at the top of the tower, adjacent to the radio unit or on a rooftop support bar – to allow access to traffic and management ports, or maintain/replace the unit, without the need to climb the tower or rooftop.

CTR 8380 is over-the-air compatible with CTR 8300 and CTR 8540 of microwave routers.

CTR 8380 is over-the-air compatible with CTR 8300 microwave routers.

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CTR 8380 is over-the-air compatible with CTR 8300 and CTR 8540 of microwave routers.

CTR 8380 is over-the-air compatible with CTR 8540 microwave routers.

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Did you know

The CTR 8380 can be deployed as an edge node, connecting to a split-mount terminal or as a node using the CTR 8300 or CTR 8540, all with full compatibility at L1, L2 and L3.

  • Compact, all-outdoor hardened design
  • 1 or 2x IF ports for connecting one or two Aviat ODU 600 outdoor units
  • QPSK to 1024QAM Adaptive Modulation for maximum channel efficiency
  • Co-channel operation with XPIC for up to 1 Gbit/s capacity links
  • Up to 4x GigE user traffic ports, with electrical or optical interface options
  • Layer 2 Ethernet services, including: 802.1ad (QinQ), L2 VPN, STP/MSTP, L2LA (802.1AX), LACP, ERP (G.8032)
  • Advanced traffic management, including L2/L3 QoS, ingress policing, shaping, buffering, multiple class scheduling
  • Advanced Ethernet OAM, including IEEE 802.1ag, 802.3ah and ITU-T Y.1731
  • Packet synchronization options including IEEE 1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE)
  • Microwave configurations: 1+0, 1+0 repeater, 1+1 hot standby, diversity and 2+0 with optional XPIC
  • Layer 3 IP/MPLS features including: dynamic and static routing protocols, L2VPN and L3VPN services, dynamic signalling protocols, MPLS OA&M and network resiliency
  • -48 VDC powered
  • End-to-end network management via Aviat ProVision™.

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With the goal of a hyper-meshed 5G street level network, clearly today’s small cell deployments represent just an interim phase in a progressive network densification—pushing the network outward. This means today’s small cell sites will become tomorrow’s macrocells, or hub sites.

Future-looking mobile operators have planned for this eventuality. In the developed world, small cell and the Internet of Things (IoT) drive mobile network densification. However, in the developing world the primary goal of enterprise connectivity spurs network densification, due to lack of wireline infrastructure to business buildings. The end result of network densification is the same.

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Adaptive Media Awareness - microwave routing White paper: Adaptive Media Awareness - microwave routing
Microwave networks are unique. Unlike fiber, copper, or any other Layer 1 transport technology, non-standard and dynamically changing bandwidths along with complex link aggregation and protection schemes make microwave networks complex and different. Regular routers are not designed for microwave networks and are inefficient and ill-suited to handle traffic in such a network. They rely on slow, protocol-based notifications to gather data from the underlying transport network to optimize their behavior. This lack of an adaptive media awareness negatively impacts network performance, reliability and operations costs significantly.

CTR 8380 Presentation: CTR 8380
Smarter Performance, Made Simple! Presentation on key applications, L2/L3 networking feature set, and product hardware features.

CTR 8380 Data sheet: CTR 8380
New All-Outdoor Microwave Router for Small Cell Backhaul, Macro Cell backhaul and outdoor Enterprise links.

What customers and analysts are saying

Juan Andrés Guzmán Barrios

Chief of Area Connectivity and Transmission Engineering, Entel Chile

As a router, CTR 8540 will enable a range of new IP and VPN services for our mobile backhaul and enterprise applications. Unlike other microwave radios that require adding an expensive, separate IP/MPLS router, CTR 8540 is the only product we found that integrates the microwave radio and IP routing features we need.

Emmy Johnson

Founder, Sky Light Research

As a mainstay in the microwave market, Aviat understands the market and has developed a platform that will help operators scale their networks as new applications continue to push network performance.

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