Microwave transport solutions for key state/local applications:

  • Police, fire and first responders
  • HD video & security
  • Schools, transportation and state agencies

A trusted provider

Aviat Networks is the leading and most trusted provider of microwave solutions for government, public safety, defense, and local / state / province / national agencies.

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Proven partner to state/local government

24 out of 50 statewide networks in the USA use Aviat microwave including states of: Nevada, Colorado, West Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin, Montana, Kentucky, and others.

10 of the largest 25 cities in the USA use Aviat microwave along with countless other county and city governments including: city of San Jose, Tooele county, Contra Costa county, Avery county, city of Anchorage, East Bay regional communications, and many more…

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High power split mount radio

» Learn about our ODU 600

High power all-indoor radios

» Learn about our IRU 600

Reliable solutions

Aviat has the trusted, reliable solutions required for your critical applications.

With over 2 billion in-service operating hours, Aviat’s line of high-performance, high power microwave radios are proven dependable for applications that just need to work.

Is your network up-to-date?

Our AviatCare Lifecycle Support is designed to complement Land Mobile Radio (LMR) support by providing complete coverage of the microwave system, ensuring your network hardware & software are always up-to-date

AviatCare Lifecycle Support

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High power all-indoor radios

» Learn about our IRU 600

Mission critical solutions

FirstNet. The market leader in public safety transport networks, Aviat Networks offers products purpose-built for mission critical requirements and has a proven track record for architecting cost effective public safety networks at L1/L2/L3

Let us show you how we can help solve your FirstNet network challenges

What is FirstNet?

firstnet-logoSigned into law on February 22, 2012, the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act created the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet). The law gives FirstNet the mission to build, operate and maintain the first high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. FirstNet will provide a single interoperable platform for emergency and daily public safety communications.

Save time and get the lowest prices

– buy your microwave under NASPO contract today

NASPO Valuepoint is a cooperative purchasing program that leverages the buying power of all 50 States to obtain best value pricing and superior contract terms. The program is available to all states, the District of Columbia and US Territories.

For more information about States that already have a Participating Addendum (PA) in place, please refer to the NASPO Valuepoint website: www.naspovaluepoint.org


Government agencies are rapidly moving to IP/MPLS. Aviat delivers integrated IP/MPLS microwave solutions that provide highest reliability, simplest operations and lowest overall total cost of ownership for your IP/MPLS implementation.

 Migrating Public Safety Networks to IP/MPLS

Security — a must

Security is a must for state and local agencies and securing the microwave network is a critical part of end-to-end security solutions. Aviat’s line of FIPS 140-2 radio solutions ensures your network is always secure.

  Secure and Reliable Microwave Solutions Specialist

  Aviat Strong Security

Integrated microwave router

» Learn about our CTR 8500

Integrated microwave router

» Learn about our CTR8611

AviatCare — turnkey services portfolio

Aviat provides the turnkey services portfolio to take care of all aspects of your microwave network. Your network will be well designed upfront and will continue to operate with exceptional performance and reliability.

More on our AviatCare

We take care of you

Our technical assistance center is staffed with world class support engineers to look after your every need – from the simplest question to complex issues like IP/MPLS and microwave integration or challenging microwave paths. We take customer support very seriously and it shows.

Microwave Communications During Major Fires Case study: Microwave Communications During Major Fires
State of Colorado: 5 Lessons learned from the 2018 spring fires

ProVision Plus Datasheet Data sheet: ProVision Plus Datasheet
ProVision Plus is Aviat’s next generation management and application platform, designed from the ground up to minimize the total cost of ownership and maximize the intelligence and flexibility of modern complex microwave networks. ProVision Plus is designed to be open and programmable with custom built applications to automate the microwave lifecycle.

AviatCare Lifecycle Support Flyer: AviatCare Lifecycle Support
Avoid network downtime, keep your costs under control by ensuring your microwave network is ALWAYS up-to-date and supported. AviatCare Lifecycle Support is a comprehensive network refresh program to ensure your microwave network is always up-to-date with the latest technology, features and support. Keeping your microwave network current ensures LESS Downtime, BETTER Performance, and LOW/FIXED Costs.

Pierce County Case study: Pierce County
Teamwork between Pierce County and Aviat Networks was on display recently as Aviat’s product knowledge and the customer’s infrastructure expertise came together to quickly address a critical issue in the network.

Fact sheet: Aviat - The America Microwave Company Flyer: Fact sheet: Aviat - The America Microwave Company
Aviat Networks is proud to be THE American Microwave Company with all levels of business operations based in the US.

Large Western US state cuts number of antennas, costs with extra high-power radios Case study: Large Western US state cuts number of antennas, costs with extra high-power radios
This large western US state had a longtime relationship with a microwave radio vendor and would have continued buying from them if their radios and support evolved with the State’s needs. However, over time its needs changed and it had to have more capabilities from its communications network. But it did not want to unnecessarily build new sites and erect costly new towers. It also could not afford to add more really large microwave dishes to towers that were already close to overload—some of which can be 8- or 10-feet in diameter. Even if existing infrastructure is used exclusively, these heavyweights of the antenna world would require that current towers receive costly reinforcement upgrades. Register to download this case study and find out how their cost saving solution.

City of San Jose Case study: City of San Jose
City of San Jose connects first responders on multiagency emergency network

Tooele County (Utah) Case study: Tooele County (Utah)
Eclipse Packet Node helps rural county transition from TDM to all-IP

Microwave Frequency Band Congestion in 6 and 11 GHz White paper: Microwave Frequency Band Congestion in 6 and 11 GHz
This paper explains the current FCC coordination process and advantages of using lower frequency bands. Then it explores the current state of backhaul spectrum, backhaul strategies to reduce interference, and ends with a case study that highlights the use of high performance category 4 antennas.

Securing the Mobile Network White paper: Securing the Mobile Network
This white paper describes the burgeoning need for security in the mobile backhaul in terms of benefits to mobile network operators and society.

Aviat: The American Microwave Company
State-Wide Public Safety Networks: Brief Update from Aviat

Aviat: The American Microwave Company and The Trusted Choice for State-Wide Microwave Networks

Aviat is the #1 provider of microwave and microwave routing systems to state/local government networks nationwide with 25 of 50 state-wide networks running Aviat equipment.

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State-Wide Microwave Network Case Study: Extra High Power Radios

This large western US state had a longtime relationship with a microwave radio vendor and would have continued buying from them if their radios and support evolved with the State’s needs. However, over time its needs changed and it had to have more capabilities from its communications network. But it did not want to unnecessarily build new sites and erect costly new towers.

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3 Facts that Simplify Backhaul Procurement for Government

U.S. based state and local government backhaul buyers face a dilemma. Their microwave networks require continuous upgrades—now with the expectation that they become broadband capable—but their funding apparatus remains stagnant or even atrophies under fiscal pressures from citizens and policymakers. How can they obtain the next generation of wireless backhaul equipment vital to public safety and other purposes while doing so on a reality-based budget? The answer lies partly in an ongoing program that Aviat Networks can offer its government customers.

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State/local government facts

Deployed globally by almost


State/local government agencies

State-Wide Networks


in USA

Deployed by

250 +

public safety agencies worldwide

What our customers say

Ken Rehbehn

Public Safety Wireless Analyst, Yankee Group

Secure backhaul links are essential for any mission critical network.

Rob Reish

Communication Manager, ODOT/OSP Wireless Section

Oregon has been a customer of Aviat's for well over 20 years. The reliability of the Aviat equipment has been phenomenal, and the installation and maintenance support from Aviat has always exceeded our expectations. We expect no less as we implement our new microwave network. Aviat's people consistently show that reliability and customer satisfaction are their primary goals.

Ed Gubbins

Principal Analyst , Current Analysis

By participating in NASPO ValuePoint, public safety and other state and local agencies can purchase advanced wireless communications equipment without having to engage in a lengthy and costly RFP process. This allows first responders to get vital equipment into the field faster, in effect, saving more lives in the process.

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